creative freedom
and ultimate control of your signage estate.



Key features

Evexi digital signage software has been created to unleash creative imagination as brands look for new and more exciting ways to engage with their customers; as boards search for inspiration in employee communication; as charities fight to connect emotionally with donors and as transport hubs strive to make way-finding easier and more intuitive for travelers.

In short Evexi is the newest and hottest signage software in the market, created for you to engage your audiences no matter what market sector you occupy.

Built with real time content delivery at its core, Evexi makes what was once complex, wonderfully simple. Our platform guarantees instant reporting and content updates, designed for efficiency regardless of the size of deployments.

Cloud based CMS

Evexi is a cloud based signage platform, providing simple & automated steps to simply deliver content to your digital signage screens. We support any Samsung signage screen as well as Windows 10+, Linux, Raspberry Pi (ARM). Use your own hardware or purchase an Evexi certified player.

True end-to-end encryption

Providing a peace of mind to the brands who use Evexi, with true end-to-end encryption. Enjoy secure delivery of content at all times.

Adaptive content delivery

The Evexi platform understands your digital signage network. Our system automatically renders any media to the optimum format, thus guaranteeing excellent playback for your brand messaging.

Interactive content, real-time

Do you want to excite and engage with your brand audience? Evexi uses the latest technologies enabling your audience to engage and interact with your digital signage network. We support feature rich HTML5, Web applications and QR codes. This is a gamechanger!

Template creator

A key aspect of using a digital signage network is the ability to deliver high quality messaging for your brand. Built into our CMS is a template creator, which provides brands the tools to rapidly build engaging content.

Looking for a change?

Do you want to improve the existing functionality of your signage network and increase your ROI? Contact us today, we are experienced in migrating brands over to our platform.


Evexi has a unique alliance with Samsung

but we can also support other screen types on the product road map or using Evexi hardware players. Similarly, the installation of a single new screen or a whole estate can happen in minutes and be ready to play in 30 seconds. The days of struggling to install screens as your customers look frustratingly on have gone. The onboarding of the screens is slipstreamed, due to our experience in mass network rollouts