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In today's tough business climate the use of digital signage to drive consumer consideration and purchase is a given for brand owners, retailers and hospitality businesses. Increasingly this is also true of organisations that don't have purchase as their main driver including charities, education, transportation and corporates.


The market is in growth which reflects the increased sophistication and expectations of the consumer in their purchasing journey.

Brands must innovate ever more to maintain and grow their market share, whilst staying ahead of the curve is a constant strategic challenge.

The driver of this market dynamic is digital software and, in Evexi, you will find a fast moving, technically excellent and business focused partner. Having spent years developing bespoke portals for brands and CMS vendors we have built our business (and our software) around eliminating complexity and inflexibility by putting control back in the hands of you, the end user.

Our goal is to deliver real value to your digital software systems and to create experiences for your consumer which are:

Richer and more enjoyable than anything they have experienced

We enable you to deliver high quality brand messaging through our simple, but powerful, signage platform


Engage with your customers using QR codes and other “interactive content” and find out about their purchase preferences and product demands

Time sensitive and on demand

Through effective integration with our payment providers we give you real time data on stock management ensuring your customer gets what they want when they want it

Location based

Extend your existing online presence with digital signage by delivering web technology over digital signage


You and your customers can enjoy peace of mind as our secure cloud platform has full end-to-end encryption to the digital signage screens

Turbo charge your customer interface.

As well as driving sales and improving margins Evexi software will provide you with a constant source of data and analytics to plan your promotions and POS activity in real time.

Kiosk technology is a new innovation in the digital signage market which is revolutionising consumer purchase and we are proud to be working exclusively with Samsung, the leader in the sector, as they roll out their new kiosk range. With Evexi software embedded we are able to seamlessly connect on-screen content with ordering, payment (through Stripe and Square) and collection in one secure environment.